You’ve picked the date, found the perfect wedding venue, and have the dress narrowed down to your top three. Now it’s time to nail down your wedding workout plan to help you feel and look your best for your big day. Everyone wants to look fit and healthy on their wedding day, but it can be difficult to establish a workout plan and stick to it. One of the major reasons people fall short of their fitness goals is lack of motivation. Here, we have the best four fitness experts one can consult to keep themselves motivated & achieve their wedding goals: 

Ms. Jasleen Kaur, Holistic Health coach & founder at Heal with Jasleen 

Jasleen Kaur, Holistic Health coach & Founder at Heal with Jasleen specialising in PCOS, thyroid disorders and gut health, the Founder of Heal and a Holistic Health Coach, Jasleen Kaur is tackling all the health issues that the current generation of women is facing. The last decade has seen a steep rise in the number of lifestyle diseases and how this young generation have been a victim of it. Her objective is to bring a positive change in the overall health through food and lifestyle. Her process includes the synthesis of macrobiotics, Ayurveda and TCM through which she aims to impact the lives of the women and help them to be the healthier version of themselves. Jasleen’s profound knowledge and expertise in Holistic Healing and coming from the background of an MBA has helped her clients achieve their goals. Her unique methods have been fruitful in not just healing herself from PCOS and Hashimoto’s, but her proficient knowledge has helped more than 1000 women globally which is true testimony to her calibre. 


Dt. Sheenam, Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant, Founder Health n Heal 

Dietitian Sheenam can be best described as a Dynamic Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist and wellness consultant whose stellar work is vouched for by the plethora of credentials that she has achieved over last 5 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Science specialising in Foods & Nutrition. She has been serving her health services globally. She got expertisation in weight, lifestyle & disease management diets & nutrition & with this she has healed 5000+ dieters worldwide with her holistic approach of diet & lifestyle. Her Vision regarding her profession is to improve the lifestyle and health with the help of nourishing diet and treating food as a medicine without imposing strict nutritional philosophies. Being a Passionate Dietitian, she has been spreading the health & diet awareness through social media & with this she has been felicitated with leading dietitians from the Government of Punjab. 


Dr. Ridhima Khamesra, renowned Dietician-cum-Nutritionist, Promoter of Diet Clinic, Udaipur 

Dr. Ridhima Khamesra is a versatile, experienced, and renowned dietician-cum-nutritionist with over nine years of experience in the industry. The promoter of Diet Clinic, Udaipur, she offers sustainable nutritional solutions through good food and healthy lifestyle choices to elevate one’s persona and confidence. The customized diet plans are based on scientific research, individual lifestyles, medical history, fitness levels, and health goals. Believing in holistic grooming rather than just weight loss, she has conducted several workshops and is a regular columnist/health panellist for Zee5, Zee Business, Times of India, CNBC, Femina, and others. Winner of numerous awards, including Best dietician in North India Award in iconic healthcare summit in association with Aajtak and TV9 Navbharat, National Health Award by Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association of India, Govt. Of India, Women achiever award by Dainik Bhaskar, and many more, she firmly believes that one has to have a healthy body and a glow that reflects sound health for your wedding day. Her diet plans are tailored to focus on providing wholesome solutions for brides.  


Mr. Shailendra Saini, Fitness Expert & Entrepreneur 

My name is Shailendra, I am a fitness influencer, businessman as well as a Level 4 and ACSM certified trainer. I began my fitness journey as a hobby 12 years ago. However, by the time the idea of building a body piqued my interest and had turned into a passion. Furthermore, to do something good I established my own fitness center. I care about my clients, and nothing is more important to me than guiding them through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong. I wanted to be there for anyone who wanted to make a difference. And I’m here to help everyone who wants to be fit in at every step in their life. I have been a qualified personal trainer of 7 years and in that duration, I have worked with 200+ clients providing a range of fitness training that are being tailored by me according to their body. 


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