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Enrollinging in college presents a chance for young adults to better their lives and further their education in their area of interest. From parties, joining clubs, and making new friends, college is an exciting time for young adults everywhere. However, college can be very stressful, especially when it comes to preparing for that next big test. Thanks to technology, apps have been made to help college students prepare for testing. No more failing grades. Check out five apps college students turn to when it’s time for a big test.

1) Quizlet


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Tons of students struggle with studying, but Quizlet allows students to master what they learned in class before test day. Besides, practice makes perfect. The apps allow students to create flashcards and study flashcards made by other students. You can also listen to information in several languages, study charts, maps, and even take practice tests to see if you’re retaining the information you’re studying. Quizlet can ensure that students are ready for their exams. With over 30 million students using Quizlet to study, the numbers show that it is sufficient for those who struggle with studying after class or need to freshen up their memory before the big test day. With 4.5 stars, download Quizlet in your mobile device app store.

2) Google Drive

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Google is used nationwide, and with the Google Drive app, college kids can prepare for the exams anytime from an internet-connected mobile phone or computer. With the app, you can take notes, make powerpoints, create charts, diagrams, spreadsheets, and forms. Google Drive also lets you reply to comments on work and insert pictures from a camera. The app provides storage, but if you run out of storage, you will have to pay for more. Students can share with their peers the many different features to help prepare for exam day. With Google Drive, you can save your work and return when it’s study time. The app has 4.6 stars and can be downloaded for iPhone and Android. Users can sign up with an email address.



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College students can expand their vocabulary for those short answer questions on test day with provides students with 2M definitions and synonyms right on their phones. The app has tons of features that include audio pronunciations, grammar tips, spelling, and words of the day, where users can learn a new word every day to enhance vocabulary choices. provides example sentences and an encyclopedia. The app is rated 4.0 stars and can be downloaded on either Android or iPhone.


4) Flashcards+ by Chegg


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Flashcards+ helps college students memorize faster than ever. For procrastinators and the students who struggle with memorization, the free flashcard maker helps students remember more quickly. According to the app store, Flashcards+ by Chegg is the top flashcard app in the app store and is ranked #1. It helps students organize their notes into flashcards for more of a productive study session. The app even provides a way for students to study on their Apple Watch so that studying can be on the go, anywhere, and at any time. For the multilingual students, Flashcards+ by Chegg allows flashcards to be made in over 20 languages with pronunciation and much more. The app is rated at 4.5 stars and can be downloaded at

5) iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner


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Need help with organizing your study schedule? iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner helps the student who is all over the place. The app allows students to have a built-in planner. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, and office hours for your professors. iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner makes it easy for students to plan their study schedule to ensure that students stay on track using the app’s “tick tick time to prepare for your exams!” alert to ace their next test. Students can also color code labels, follow up with homework, track their grade, GPA, and much more. With over a four star rating, the app can be downloaded at and


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