Mar 01, 2023

Albertsons has introduced a digital health and wellness platform that enables customers to track their health and wellness goals and receive rewards, including grocery discounts, for surpassing them.

Albertsons says the platform, called Sincerely Health, was informed by insights from over 10,000 customers and associates and collaborations with healthcare providers, insurance firms and technology organizations.

Customers join the platform online by taking a brief questionnaire to determine their Health Score based on seven dimensions of well-being: Activity, Mindfulness, Sleep, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Health, Nutrition and Self Control.

The scores are calculated using actuarial science, considering lifestyle factors such as age, gender, nutrition, lifestyle choices and mental health. Users can link activity trackers such as Apple Health and Fitbit to the platform to monitor their progress in real-time and can also log their vitals and medication regimen.

The grocer said it only collects “the data that you choose to share with us, including active energy, exercise minutes, steps, walking + running distance, and workouts.”

Customers can then set goals to improve their Health Score and receive actionable insights and rewards, including grocery discounts, for achieving those goals. The goals are tied to activity, nutrition, lifestyle and sleep.

Joining the platform also earns up to $25 off upcoming grocery purchases.

The platform also offers online pharmacy tools for managing prescriptions, scheduling vaccine appointments and connecting with general practitioners via convenient telehealth services.

“We are empowering customers to have a connected and personalized view of their health across food, nutrition, activity, mental well-being and pharmacy services, enabling them to make more informed choices,” said Omer Gajial, chief digital officer and EVP health at Albertsons.

Sincerely Health’s arrival comes as retailers are increasingly offering in-person and virtual healthcare services. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and all offer primary healthcare services.

Several apps reward consumers for being active or eating healthy, but Nike is among the few rewarding loyalty members for being physically active. Walgreens’ Balance Rewards program, which rewarded points for metrics such as miles logged, pounds lost and monthly active rate, was discontinued in 2020.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: How much consumer appeal do you see in Albertsons’ Sincerely Health platform linking loyalty rewards to fitness, nutrition and mental health goals? Are rewards a good way to connect retailers’ healthcare ambitions with their traditional business?


“Data breach potential aside, as long as there are secure ways to share our personal data, Albertsons may be onto something here with their health and wellness platform.”



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