You may have heard of Chat GPT as it has been in the news a lot recently, for those who have not heard of it yet you soon will, especially if Paul Buccheit, the creator of Gmail, is correct in his prediction that ChatGPT could overtake Google within two years!
Chat GPT is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to attempt to outperform humans, you can ask the chatbot virtually any question and it will provide you with an almost instant answer using machine learning to scan databases theoretically providing you with the best information.

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As we enter March many people may have failed to achieve their New Year’s Resolution, The Fitness Collective wanted to test their methods in their mission to deliver results-focused fitness in the most efficient and effective.

To do this they engaged with Chat GPT to ask why people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions and to see if they have everything in place to help people to achieve their goals.
Here is what Chat GPT had to say:

– New Year resolutions related to exercise and nutrition are popular, but often difficult to stick to.

Here are a few reasons why:

• Unrealistic expectations: People set overly ambitious goals for themselves, such as losing 20 pounds in a month or working out for two hours every day. When they don’t see immediate results, they become discouraged and give up.

• Lack of planning: People don’t plan their exercise and nutrition regimes well. They don’t account for the time they need to allocate, the resources they need, or the changes they need to make in their daily routine to accommodate the new habits.

• No accountability: People don’t have anyone holding them accountable for their goals, making it easy to skip a workout or indulge in junk food.

• Boredom: People may start strong, but over time, the same routine can become repetitive and boring, leading to a lack of motivation.

• Injury or illness: People may get injured or fall ill, making it difficult to stick to their exercise routine.

• Lack of variety: People may not vary their exercise routine enough, making it less engaging and more difficult to stick to.

• Underestimating the impact of diet: People often don’t realize the impact that diet has on their health and fitness. They may believe that exercise alone is enough, but neglect the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet.

• Lack of understanding: People may not have a clear understanding of what they need to do to achieve their goals. They may not know how to exercise effectively or what foods to eat to support their health and fitness.

• Life events: Life events, such as moving to a new city, starting a new job, or having a baby, can disrupt routine and make it difficult to stick to a resolution.

• Emotional eating: People may turn to food for comfort when they are feeling emotional, such as when they are stressed, anxious, or bored. This can undermine their efforts to maintain a healthy diet.

• In conclusion, there are many reasons why people fail with their exercise and nutrition resolutions. However, with the right mindset, planning, and support, people can overcome these challenges and achieve their goals.

After reviewing the results from Chat GPT, we asked founder and gym Manager Nikky Gibbons what he thought of the results and if he thought they had everything in place to help people get results they want.

Nikky said “I was very impressed at the speed at which Chat GPT produced these answers and as we looked through them it gave us even more confidence in knowing that what we do is what people need if they are serious about achieving their health and fitness goals.

“We cover every one of the topics highlighted and more, three years ago when we started The Fitness Collective, we had already spent 12 months researching the health and fitness market, growing our knowledge of competitors and creating a gym that was built to put our members at the centre, providing results-focused training for all.

“You will hear me say this a lot but we think the fitness industry is the most successful failure of all time in that the industry continues to grow but has failed to deliver results in both mental and physical health to the population.

“We are here to be different; we have created a non-intimidating environment specialising in Small Group Personal Training.

•  West Bridgford’s The Fitness Collective launches 30-day Experience

“We believe that this takes the best elements of 1-1 training and the best elements of group training to allow members to be motivated and inspired during sessions whilst ensuring they are performing the exercises in a safe and effective way.

“We also ensure that all members receive 1-1 support in all the areas they need it, from goal setting to nutrition and ongoing education.

“We pride ourselves on developing an understanding of every members needs which is further enhanced through technology.

“We can track our members’ exercise and nutrition habits both inside and outside of the gym and we keep our members accountable by measuring our members’ body mass in more detail educating members of adaptations to their muscle mass and fat mass based on their new exercise and nutrition habits.

“We use this knowledge to work with our members to make small adjustments to get the results they want long term and as you can see from our testimonials are results speak for themselves.

“We are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance what we do and asking chat GPT has been an interesting exercise to confirm that we are leading the way in helping people to achieve their goals”.

If you are new to exercise or are someone looking to upgrade their training, why not join our no-obligation 30-day trial and see just what you can achieve with our personal approach to health and fitness.

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“What I wanted was quality assured whole body strength training; with a coach able to ensure I was getting the most for my time, whilst ensuring I was exercising properly rather than just throwing weights around! And, this is exactly what they provide.”

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“I love the fact that it’s a small place and you guys really get to know us. Since I’ve been here I have lost weight, toned up, gained muscle and I feel much fitter. It’s great to know that there is always a coach there making sure I am doing everything right.”


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