The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the fitness industry worldwide very hard. Lockdowns, gym closures, and social distancing protocols meant people needed to adapt where and how they chose to exercise. As a result, a massive influx in digital fitness options emerged, forever changing how people view fitness. Now, more than ever before, there’s a greater demand for convenient and flexible access to exercise.

Here are some exercise trends for 2022 that reflect exactly that.

Wearable tech

Wearable technology continues to be a major exercise trend in 2022. And, it has expanded even further than tracking fitness alone. Most wearable technology now monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels and even tracks your sleep. The latest smartwatches and Fitbits make tracking calorie intake, macros, meals, resting heart rate and body weight easier than ever before.

Exercise as medicine

An exercise trend that continues to emerge is a shift in mindset towards viewing exercise as medicine. If there’s one thing the global pandemic taught us, it’s that moving our bodies is a great way to combat stress and depression. Today, more and more people see exercise as a way to feel both mentally and physically healthier (rather than just a means to achieving that perfect body). Exercise is medicine, it is proven to boost your overall health and slow down signs of ageing.


Hiit workouts (high-intensity interval training) continue to trend in 2022. This style of workout is typically around 30 minutes long and offers short bursts of activity followed by periods of rest. Hiit is great for people who want to maximise their workout in a minimal amount of time. Another great thing about Hiit is that it doesn’t require equipment and can be done with bodyweight training alone.  The concept of Hiit is not new to the fitness industry but I’ve definitely seen an increase in people embracing this trend and it appears to be continuing.

Mini workouts

People’s need for daily movement to de-stress and ward off boredom started the mini workout trend. It remains popular for those who want to squeeze in a quick but effective workout in their day. Mini workouts only take 5-10 minutes and often incorporate cardio, muscle, strength training, and endurance. Mini workouts are a great way to keep people moving on days when they don’t have time for a long workout.

Outdoor workouts

Another exercise trend that continues this year is outdoor fitness. Ever since social distancing protocols began to lift, there has been an increase in people looking to get back to group fitness but wanting to ease into being inside a gym. The rainy months may be here, but you’ll still find many people continuing their workouts outdoors. 


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