If, like us, you’re obsessed with Selling Sunset, you’ll be well aware of how seriously impressive everything seems to be in LA – from the luxurious homes to the perfectly polished real estate agents that sell them. And, that includes former Cosmopolitan UK cover star Chrishell Stause, whose body can only be described in one way: 🔥. And judging by the videos she’s shared of herself working out too, she’s also pretty darn strong.

After binge watching Selling Sunset more times than we’d care to admit, we’ve often found ourselves wondering exactly how Chrishell (and the whole Oppenheim Group tbh) stay so fit. After all, alongside starring in a reality TV show, mixing with LA’s elite and selling million dollar mansions, when does she find the time to fit in a gym sesh or do a spot of meal prep?

With that in mind, we were keen to find out everything there is to know about how Chrishell Stause stays in shape, taking a deep dive into her favourite workout routines, her go-to gym classes and the diet and nutrition plans she does (or doesn’t) follow.

PSA though, before we get started: whilst we think Chrishell looks fab and this is an article about her healthy habits, it’s vital to remember that this doesn’t mean our own bodies are any less beautiful or worthy of love and celebration. When it comes to body confidence, food and working out, the key thing is to partake in whatever makes you feel good – and if it’s a mix of takeaways and treadmills, or neither of them, as long as you’re happy keep it up!

With that in mind, it’s still pretty fun having a nosey into what the A-listers get up to (and if you feel inspired to try something new along the way, then that’s ace)…

What is Chrishell Stause’s workout routine?


If you’ve ever stepped foot in a gym, or Googled ‘best home workouts to try’, you’ll likely be familiar with the term HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training – and one person who’s definitely familiar is our gal Chrishell, who relies on the method to get her cardio in.

Speaking about the kinds of HIIT workouts Chrishell enjoys, Ocho, her PT who is also the founder of fitness studio Power 8 in LA, gave Women’s Health the total lowdown. “A week of workouts for Chrishell can vary,” he explained. “Her schedule is very hectic, so we get in what we can, and HIIT training is one of the most efficient ways she can build muscle and burn fat at the same time.”

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Add in some weights

As if HIIT training wasn’t enough on its own, Ocho revealed that he adds weight training into Chrishell’s HIIT workouts, too – for the added burn, of course. “We do heavyweight and plyometrics, as well as HIIT, so that her body is always moving and so that she never gets bulky, but still gains strength,” the PT explained.

chrishell stause everything we know about how she stays in shape

Chrishell StauseInstagram

Pilates queen

As well as all those HIIT sessions, Chrishell keeps her fitness plan balanced with plenty of Pilates, too. “She practices Pilates once or twice a week to lengthen, stretch and recover,” Ocho adds. “It’s low impact and allows her to reset, while still getting a good workout in.” Cute dog = bonus.

chrishell stause everything we know about how she stays in shape

Chrishell StauseInstagram

chrishell stause everything we know about how she stays in shape

Chrishell StauseInstagram

Staying consistent

Although for many of us, the thought of working out whilst on holiday is the stuff of nightmares, Chrishell revealed that sticking to her fitness regime while she is on vacay is a key element when it comes to building a body like hers.

“Back to basics. If you are going to hit the gym on vacation, at least have fun with it,” she wrote in a post on Instagram, which showed her working out on the beach with some very, err, rustic looking gym equipment.

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And on that note, the TV star’s PT says effort is just as important as consistency when it comes to keeping fit like Chrishell. “It’s a standard that we go hard, and she does that,” Ocho told Women’s Health, adding that he expects “110%” from all his clients. “Like I’ve said, her schedule is hectic, but when we get it in, we WORK.”

Keep it interesting

Working out isn’t always the most exciting thing on anyone’s to-do list – which is why Chrishell’s PT likes to keep her workout regime as varied as possible. “I always keep workouts fun, creative and challenging. I’m always throwing something different at Chrishell to challenge her,” Ocho explained. “The way I feel is: ‘If you aren’t being challenged by your trainer, what do you have [one] for?'”

What is Chrishell Stause’s diet?

Breakfast = important

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and for Chrishell, it’s something she lives by. Speaking to Women’s Health, the real estate agent turned reality TV star opened up about her breakfast go-tos, and it’s all just as healthy as you’d imagine.

“What I love for breakfast is eggs,” she said. “My favourite thing is scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese and pepper.” Of course, with her busy schedule, spending time in the kitchen whipping up scrambled eggs isn’t always an option – but that’s no excuse to skip breakfast entirely though. “Lately it’s probably been more of a protein bar,” she admitted. “When I’m busy, I normally either grab a banana and peanut butter, or a protein bar. I’m obsessed with peanut butter.”

chrishell stause everything we know about how she stays in shape


Not giving up her faves

As she explained to Women’s Health, indulging in delicious Italian food is very much on Chrishell’s agenda. “I haven’t really met a pasta that I don’t like, but I guess my favourite would probably be bucatini with cracked pepper and Parmesan cheese,” she revealed. As for what else she orders when she heads out to dinner, the former actor said: “I love fish. I also love sushi and pizza.”

Recipe tweaks

Despite her love of pasta and pizza, like any of us, if we just ate this all day every day, we wouldn’t exactly be nailing it on the health front – which is why Chrishell makes clever adjustments to her favourite recipes, ensuring that they taste delish whilst remaining a balanced, healthy option.

“One dish I’m proud of is my spicy shrimp pasta. It’s so good and has a little kick to it,” she told Women’s Health. “I’ll do it with whole-wheat noodles, sautéed shrimp, red pepper chili flakes and a spicier tomato sauce.” Whole grains in particular are packed with nutrients and can help lower your risk of heart disease as well as support healthy digestion.

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