Fans Cheer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilder Son Opting for Functional Training

Functional training is a new-generation training trend started by Marcus Filly to promote longevity. Many fitness influencers opt for functional training to optimize, get maximum gains, and build endurance. Now the name of the most dominant figure in the bodybuilding world, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Joseph Baena, has been added to the list of those practicing functional training. 

Baena recently posted a video on his Instagram in which he was seen doing functional training with his gym partners. Let us have a look at the routine that Baena followed at the gym.  

Baena engaged in four sets of exercises for his functional training routine


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In the video, Baena did four sets of different exercises, starting with the log up-downs and doing a few reps. Baena did the reps slowly and carefully, paying attention to his form and movements to avoid any injury. There are various benefits to doing this exercise; performing log up-downs hits your whole upper body at the same time. The exercise primarily focuses on shoulders, triceps, lats, traps, core, and leg strength.

Then the Austrian Oak’s son did single-hand lat pulldowns but with a twist. He stretched his left hand in the forward direction while pulling down with his right hand. Baena also did some walking and sprinting on the treadmill and ended his workout with a few reps of ab wheel rollouts. Ab wheel rollouts primarily focus on building and strengthening your core, helping to burn fat and improve posture.

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Baena might have opted for functional training after getting to know its benefits. Engaging in functional training decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. Functional training also helps you perform your day-to-day activities with much-improved stability, with minimal stress on your joints. 


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Baena’s fans were in favor of his decision to go for functional training instead of sticking to the traditional bodybuilding approach. Witnessing Baena working out, some fans reminisced about the Terminator working out himself. 

Fans want Baena to recreate Arnie’s movies

A follower commented on the log up-down workout of Baena and made a hilarious remark, writing, “training to storm the gates of mordor.” Another fan used some wordplay and wrote, “Functional guy doing functional movements.” Among these comments, one fan found motivation in Baena and wrote, “You’re motivating me bro!


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An Instagram user reminisced about the Austrian Oak and commented, “It’s like watching Arnold all over again. Great work Sir!” A fan gave Baena the idea of remaking Arnie’s old movies and wrote, “Looks like there are lots of Arnold films that you could remake, Bro.” Another fitness enthusiast commented, “Father’s worthy son.

After witnessing Arnie’s son opting for functional training and learning the potential benefits of functional training, will you shift to functional training instead of following the traditional fitness approach? Let us know in the comments.


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