PORTSMOUTH — Nutrition experts say you can have that holiday cake, as long as you plan ahead.

No guilt is the catchphrase for the holidays. That does not mean overindulgence, but instead mindful planning.

Megan Patten

“Really, holiday food management is simple common sense, and being aware of that,” said Megan Patten, a registered dietician at York Hospital. “Set realistic goals. The holidays are not a time for weight loss, and are instead a time for maintenance. Set goals to help you maintain your weight. There should be no guilt associated with eating, with attending holiday parties.”

Christine Wyrsch

“This is about having no post holiday regrets,” said Christine Wyrch, manager of the Patient and Family Learning Center at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. “As a health coach, I talk a lot about mindfulness. We all want to have fun at the holidays and it can be challenging. Instead of saying, ‘I am not going to have that piece of pumpkin pie,’ make a plan so you can.”


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