HYROX World Championships 2024 guide and preview

Who are the fittest people in the world? Find out at the HYROX World Championship in Nice, France, where elite athletes and amateurs face off in a brutal mix of running, rowing and intense functional workouts. It’s the ultimate test of strength, endurance and agility. Dive into the action and see who will claim the title of the fittest on earth with our HYROX World Championship guide.

HYROX is a competitive fitness race that combines functional exercises with running. It is designed to test participants’ strength, endurance and overall fitness in a standardised format, making it possible to compare performances across different events and locations.

A detailed list of the HYROX race format showing all the movements that competitors have to do between each of the eight one-kilometer runs.

The HYROX race format remains the same at each event


The low entry barriers allow many gym enthusiasts to take part in HYROX, but make no mistake – the fitness race does require good overall fitness and preparedness on race day. Participants must perform a functional workout after every 1km run. In total, athletes run 8x1km and compete in eight different workouts in between the running segments. Each workout is immediately followed by a run segment – so there is no time to slow down or rest.

The functional workouts in HYROX:

  • 1km SkiErg

  • 50m sled push

  • 50m sled pull

  • 80m burpee broad jumps

  • 1km rowing

  • 200m farmers carry

  • 100m sandbag lunges

  • 100 wall balls

The format of the race never changes, and it is repeated in large indoor arenas across the globe.

Man pushing weights at the Hyrox World Championships 2023

HYROX competitions involve burpees, sled pushes, sandbag lunges and beyond

© Hyrox

Anyone can take part in HYROX. There are four different categories you can compete in:

  • Hyrox Open – Complete the race individually with the standard weights

  • Hyrox Doubles – Complete the race with a partner. You both do the runs and share the workouts. The subcategories are Doubles Women, Doubles Mixed and Doubles Men

  • Hyrox Relay – Complete the race in a team of four; each person completes two runs and two workouts

  • Hyrox Pro – Complete the race yourself with heavier weights and fight for your spot in the Elite 15

  • Elite 15 – To compete amongst the best 15 men and women of the sport you have to qualify throughout the season in designated races

Ida Mathilde Steensgaard competes at Hyrox Denmark 2024 in Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark on March 23., 2024.

Ida Mathilde Steensgaard at Hyrox Denmark

© Jesper Gronnemark/Red Bull Content Pool

When will the HYROX World Championship take place?

The championships will span three days from June 7-9, 2024, with individual Open Pro competitions on Saturday and Doubles Pro competitions on Sunday. There will also be the first-ever Mixed Relay World Championships, featuring teams from various countries.

The Elite 15 finals will be on Friday evening, June 7. The Elite 15 men and women races are considered the most prestigious and competitive within all the HYROX categories. To make the elite field, athletes have to qualify throughout the season excelling at the Pro category events – you simply have to be one of the fastest HYROX athletes worldwide to make the final showdown.

Who are the best HYROX athletes in the world?

The Elite 15 races are highly competitive; only the fastest athletes of the season in the Pro categories make the cut. Here are the top three women and men to watch at HYROX World Championships.

In the women’s Elite 15 field, US-American Lauren Weeks holds the fastest time of the season: 58:03 minutes. She is followed by fellow countrywoman Megan Jacoby, who recorded a 58:51. They will be chased by Mikaela Norman from Sweden, who holds a season’s best of 1:00:32.

On the men’s side, all eyes are on the 2023 World Champion Hunter McIntyre. The US-American athlete qualified with 53:22 minutes, the fastest time worldwide this season. The fastest Australian HYROX Athlete, James Kelly, was only slightly slower this year, recording a season’s best of 54:03 min. Ryan Kent from the US is the third in the pack, having set a best of 55:12 minutes.


How to watch and follow the HYROX World Championship 2024?

The Elite 15 races and the HYROX Mixed Relay World Championship Invitational will be streamed live on the Hyrox YouTube channel. The Elite 15 final is on Friday, June 7, from 5pm GMT, and the HYROX Mixed Relay World Championship Invitational is held on Sunday, June 9, at 5pm GMT.
After the event, a highlight clip will be available on Red Bull TV. You can access Red Bull TV through our website or the app available on various platforms. Make sure you don’t miss it – and have fun watching!


Where can I find the official results?

Visit the official HYROX website. The results will be posted there after the event.


What’s the competition schedule?

Get ready for an action-packed weekend! Here is a short version of the HYROX World Championship event schedule. You can find the full event schedule on the HYROX website.

Friday, June 7: Elite 15 showdown

Saturday, June 8: HYROX Open World Championship

Sunday, June 9: HYROX Doubles and Relays

  • HYROX Pro Doubles Women: 8:00am-10:00am

  • HYROX Doubles Mixed: 10:30am-12:20pm

  • HYROX Pro Doubles Men: 12:40pm-2:40pm

  • Mixed Relay World Championships: 5:45pm


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