Sailors Women enhances injury prevention and recovery with Bone Setting SG partnership

Local healthcare practitioner Bone Setting SG has come onboard as the Official Partner of the Lion City Sailors Women’s Team for the 2024 Deloitte Women’s Premier League (WPL) season. 

This partnership represents a shared commitment between both organisations to enhance the well-being and performance of women’s football players in Singapore, as the women’s game continues to experience exponential growth in the country. 

Specialising in bone setting manipulation to help reset bones, muscles, and joints, Bone Setting SG brings forth their expertise to empower the reigning WPL champions with key injury prevention and recovery solutions. 

An integral part of orthopaedic medicine

Through this partnership, Bone Setting SG will provide bone setting services for the Sailors Women for all matches (both pre-match and half-time therapy) throughout the 2024 season. In addition, they will offer oil massage therapy for individual players at their Marsiling or Centropod outlets upon request. 

Bone Setting SG will also conduct educational workshops for the Sailors Women, sharing knowledge on rehabilitation techniques and overall musculoskeletal wellness to benefit the team.

Founded in 2021, Bone Setting SG applies the principles of traditional Chinese Tit Tar for their treatment. These treatments consist of three segments: massage, stretching, and a full body adjustment. 

Utilising specialised manipulation techniques to correct misalignments and remove obstruction in the joints, bone setting therapy facilitates the body’s natural healing processes and enhances the body’s mobility. 

This helps ease or prevent issues such as chronic pain, frozen shoulders, migraines, lower back pain, and arthritis. 

Clear vision to empower women’s football 

While they have partnered Singapore Football League Division One side Singapore Khalsa Association over the past couple of years, this is Bone Setting SG’s first foray into women’s football.

“Women’s football has progressed swiftly over the past few years, and we’d like to play our part to help lift the game here to another level. Our objectives are very much aligned with the Lion City Sailors Women’s Team, and what we aim to achieve is to improve the holistic health of female athletes, both on and off the pitch,” said founder Zul Nor Farahin, a former national Under-23 and professional footballer. 

“The recovery options for female sportsmen are still inadequate, and we are committed to bridging this gap by educating them on the importance of proper body care. Proper treatment and care are essential so that they can prolong their career as athletes.” 

The Sailors Women have already benefited from Bone Setting’s treatment this season.

“Sometimes, our muscles get tensed up and stiff before a match. So the pre-game muscle release helps us get a better adjustment of our bodies, and gets us warmed up quicker. It certainly puts us in a better condition, and helps enhance our performances on the pitch,” said Sailors vice-captain Ho Hui Xin. 

Teenage teammate Nur Sarah Zu’risqha echoed Hui Xin’s sentiments, and added, “We do have a busy schedule filled with training sessions and matches, so it really helps when our recovery is properly taken care of. Sometimes, I have aches in my body that makes me really uncomfortable, but after the treatment, I feel more relaxed, which helps me in my daily life.” 

Bone Setting SG is hopeful that this partnership will mark the start of a long and rewarding journey in empowering women’s football.

“Ultimately, what we want is for female football players to understand their bodies better, and to elevate their performances on the field,” said Bone Setting SG co-founder, Nadya Lim Shanna. “I’m sure the Sailors women players have ambitious goals, and we want to help them in any way we can to achieve their targets.” 


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