In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Charles Dean Eldridge and Vena Christine Freeman to Vena Chritine Freeman; 54 6/10 acres Dobson; $0.

– Estate of Effie Elizabeth Ceasar, Estate of Elizabeth Fulton, Estate of Effie Elizabeth Mills, Tina Lynette Ceaser, Bradley Ceaser, Effie Elizabeth Ceaser, Elizabeth Fulton and Effie Elizabeth Mills to Aisling Real Estate Solutions, LLC; tract Estate of Effie Elizabeth Ceaser file 21 E 675; $20.

– Naomi M. Dudley and Darryl K. Dudley to Edwin Wayne Johnson and Diane Miller Johnson; lots 31-34 block C Blue Ridge Acres subdivision PB 5 3; $0.

– Mark Edward Shelton to Jacob Ryan Zimmer and Pamela Santiyani; tract one 6.905 acres tract C and tract two 3.741 acres tract A Raymond Johnson estate PB 11 107; $700.

– Fred H. Susebach and Mary R. Susebach to Jonah Hooiser and Patricia Hooiser; 20.057 acres PB 26 185 Rockford; $800.

– Aisling Real Estate Solutions, LLC to Guadalupe Ramirez Pinon and Ramon Torres Matta; tract; $64.

– Gayle Steinbecker and Peter J. Tierney to Christopher S. Cooke and Naomi Cooke; 0.606 acres PB 41 194 Pilot; $700.

– Danny Felts and Amanda Felts to Hometown Capital, LLC; two tracts (Surry) (Yadkin); $107.

– Marty Dale Holt to Cynthia Phillips; 1.62 acres tract 5A Shoals; $0.

– Allen J. Lovill Trust Agreement, Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill and Allen J. Lovill to Jeffrey Louis Brucker and Joann G. Brucker; lots 48-50 Riverside Acres PB 6 75 Mount Airy; $120.

– Claire Kirkman Melton to BEHA Investments, LLC; $160.

– Donita Needham, Kevin Needham, Mark Hooker, Libby Hooker and Noretta Hooker to Mark Anthony Hooker and Libby T. Hooker; tract Mount Airy; $0.

– Rosy Johnson Dunevant, Rosy Johnson Evans and Samuel Dunevant to Joanie Evans Hodges; tract Franklin; $0.

– Nicholas Blake Draughn to Stacey Sheffield and Julie Sheffield; lot 48 section 3 Greenfield subdivision PB 8 16 Mount Airy; $350.

– Bonnie Gail Easter and Gail Williams Easter to Bradley Scott Parsons and Ashley Michelle Parsons; tract Mount Airy; $260.

– Elizabeth Carol Ramsey, Phillip Ramsey, Ezra Charles Hatcher, Ernestine C. Hatcher, Beverly Marie Dabney and James Christopher Hatcher to Daniel A. Dresser and Donna J. Dresser; tract Mount Airy; $250.

– Darryl Wesley Wilson and Durenda Lee Wilson to Fieldyn Grey Hawks; 0.93 acres PB 20 160 Mount Airy; $740.

– Todd Alan Akerlind and Karen Akerlind to Donna M. Gillespie and John T. Gillespie; 1.033 acres lot 9 Oxbow Rancho PB 8 93 Mount Airy; $498.

– Belinda Barker Sigmon and Jerome Douglas Sigmon to Matthew C. Burke and Madison L. Burke; 2.616 acres Bryan; $640.

– Jack L. Schaff and Wanda F. Schaff to Timothy Spaugh and Crystal Spaugh; tract one 10.36 acres and tract two 6.392 acres Franklin; $690.

– Timothy Chad Stanley, Erin Brannen Stanley, Adam Dunkley Stanley and Katherine Agatha Tsamis to Stanley & Stanley Enterprises, L.L.C.; six tracts PB 41 159 Stewarts Creek; $0.

– Jane Underwood and Steven E. Underwood to Joey Marsala and Carina Marsala; lots 7-9 block A H.D. Woodruff property PB 3 71 150 E Highland Avenue Elkin; $264.

– Estate of Rebecca Mae Atkins, Jerry Wayne Atkins, Ricky Dale Atkins and Rebecca Mae Atkins to James Derrick Bobbitt and Allison Atkins Bobbitt; executors deed tract one 1 1/2 acres and tract two 64/100 acres and tract three 45/100 acres Dobson estate of Rebecca Mae Atkins file 22 E 763; $165.

– The Lydia C. Ackerman Trust, Lydia C. Ackerman, Robyn Colleen Reagan and Morgan Ackerman Fisher to Jason McClamrock and Wendy McClamrock; 7,584 sq ft portion of lot 1 block 24 PB 1 204; $280.

– Rita Mordini to Todd Allen Alan Akerlind and Karen Akerlind; condominium deed unit 4A River Run Condominium phase 1 bk 1 193-203; $300.

– Kathryn Geraldine Pruett Personal Trust, Rachel Frances Eldridge and Kathryn Geraldine Pruett to Tonda R. Phillips; tract Mount Airy; $595.

– Elizabeth Brindle Creed to Matthew Zan Creed; quitclaim deed lots 6-8 Skyline Acres PB 8 46 Dobson; $0.

– Perry Don Daughenbaugh and Megan Lowe Daughenbaugh to Bruce Jacob Golding and Kari Beth Golding; 2.20 acres Franklin; $29.

– Betty T. Gordon, Johnny Daniel Gordon, Jimmy Vestal Robertson, Beulah Robertson, Vestal David Robertson and Susan Robertson to Jimmy Vestal Robertson and Vestal David Robertson; 4.9 acres Stewarts Creek; $80.

– Ricky James Martin and Teresa M. Martin to Wyatt Austin Edwards and Makayla Mae Baker; 1 acres S. Westfield; $310.

– Michael Raeford Sumner and Janice Orithea Sumner to Mark Edward Westmoreland; tract one lots 15-18 and tract two 11-14 block B R.E Hollingsworth Estate subdivision PB 4 139 Mount Airy; $460.

– Catherine P. Hamby to William Colby Lowery; 1.12 acres Mount Airy; $580.

– Magnoir Castillo, Cristina Diaz and Alexandra C. Sierra to Michael Sean Beamer; .426 acres lot 3 Town and Country Woods section 6 PB 7 107 Mount Airy; $240.

– Brenda Collins Poplin to Diane Hamlin Hardy; lots 5-7 J.G. Wood Farm property section A Rockford; $28.

– Brett Jordan Bunker and Maddison Ryley James to Weston Bowe Meacham and Kenadee Morgan Meacham; 10.121 acres PB 41 97 Eldora; $180.

– Charlton Heath Foster and Jessica R. Foster to James J. Dobson; lot 48 Forest Knoll section 1 PB 6 168 and lot 24 section 2 Forest Knoll development PB 7 118-A Stewarts Creek; $608.

– Mark Edward Shelton to Jacob Ryan Zimmer and Pamela Santiyani; 0.451 acres Eldora; $0.

– Kevin Geovani Guerrerro and Brittany Jean Slate to Dylan Austin Southerland and Brittany Southerland; lot 18 section 7 Oakwood Estates PB 7 27 Stewarts Creek; $278.

– Becky T. Draughn and Rebecca T. Draughn to Ernest James Angel; lot 45 section IV Cedar Ridge subdivision PB 11 111 Mount Airy; $22o.

– Mark Andrew Herman and Stacey L. Herman to Matthew Jon Slawter and Renata Vasquez Slawter; 1.115 acres Elkin; $716.

– Ckeek’s Water Works, Inc. to Roger Brian Anthony; 25 acres Bryan; $400.

– Kathryn Geraldine Pruett Personal Trust, Rachel Frances Eldrige and Kathryn Geraldine Pruett to Geovanni Mondragon; 28.37 acres PB 9 51 Mount Airy; $220.

– Antonio Sierra Castillo and Angelica Castillo to Adrian Cruz Montoya; lot 40 section 2 Windgate subdivision PB 13 53-54 Dobson; $90.

– Charles Keith Rawley and Mary Ethel Rawley to Matthew France; lot 15 PB 6 17 Mount Airy; $24.

– Bruckie F. Ashburn and Reginia C. Ashburn to Michael John Farrar and Kathryn Sue Farrar; 12.46 acres; $1,000.

– Dalton Lane Osborne to Michael J. Osborne; tract Bryan; $0.

– Cheryl J. Marion to Benny and Diane Snow, LLC; 2.10 acres Dobson; $100.

– Cheryl J. Marion to Michael Culp and Susan E. Culp; 2.725 acres Dobson; $100.

– Barbara P. Blood and Laurence A. Blood Jr. to Nancy Nacar Martinez Estrada; lot 1 and A portion of lot 2 block D PB 1 84 Mount Aiy; $124.

– 917 Banner St. Trust and Catherine Snow to Noelia Martinez Hernandez and Alma Hernandez; .50 acres; $260.

– Bobby Wayne Bullins and Barbara Bullins to Department of Transportation State of North Carolina; deed for highway right of way bridge #850062 on SR 1350 over Stewarts Creek Mount Airy; $19.

– Heather Harbour Bedsaul, Maria Dianne Bedsaul, Roger Lee Bedsaul Jr. and Christopher Sean Bedsaul to Eaton Legacy, LLC; tract one tract B, C and D PB 12 41 and tract two Mount Airy; $0.

– Dennis Simmons to Susette Simmons to Guadalupe Castillo; lots 1-7 Baldwin development PB 1 72 Mount Airy; $290.

– John Grover Stanley Jr. to Gary Dean Potts and Jennifer Rose Potts; tract one lot 3 and tract two lot 4 Billy L. Simpson property Eldora; $130.

– The Glenn and Selina Dougherty Living Trust, Glenn Dougherty and Selina Dougherty to Jarad Dillon Payne; lots 17-20 PB 3 27 Mount Airy; $320.

– Robert Dustin Hunter and Kirby Owens Hunter to Stephanie C. Butner and Justin G. Butner; tract one 7.096 acres and tract two 4.305 acres PB 32 188; $1,300.

– Billie R. Wood Jr. and Glenda B. Wood to Colton Paul Richardson; 1.493 acres PB 42 18 Elkin; $488.

– John P. Barron to Margaret Hearn Wagoner, Matthew J. Wagoner and John P. Barron; tract Elkin; $6.

– James Walter Farnsworth, Mark Stephen Farnsworth and Christine Nolan Farnsworth to Scott M. Penny and April C. Penny; 25.898 acres tract one PB 41 177 Longhill; $280.

– Randy Marshall to Dawn Denise Caudle; 1.004 acres Cook land PB 41 150 Shoals ; $0.


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