Why Vibration Training Is More Than Just a Powerful Activation & Recovery Offering

Power Plate Director of Commercial Sales Garry Lewis Explains how Whole Body Vibration has everything covered for those who want to rethink their fitness facilities

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has been delivering fitness benefits for nearly a quarter century, but Power Plate®, the world’s leader in vibration technology, has both reimagined and evolved the fitness offering for gyms and studios in a manner that results in a powerful competitive difference. 

“WBV has been proven both scientifically and in practice. It has long been recognized as an important element to provide effective and efficient activation and recovery solutions for athletes, club members and clients,” states Garry Lewis, Director of Commercial Sales at Power Plate, “But over the past several years, many operators are taking advantage of how Power Plate’s unique products can be applied in innovative ways to redefine how operators deliver functional strength, HIIT and even cycling programming.”

The versatility of Power Plate’s products – and their unique benefits – are largely responsible for a “vibration re-awakening.”

Easy-to-Implement Functional Training

Power Plate’s vibration technology can be easily integrated into almost any functional strength training programming because virtually any ground-based, functional movement – from squats to deadlifts, planks to push-ups, rotational movements to static holds – can be enhanced and become more fun when performed on a Power Plate vibration platform. Power Plates are amazingly durable, requiring minimal maintenance, and with a relatively small footprint compared to other training equipment operators enjoy both capital savings and more efficient use of floor space. 

“The issue with many functional training spaces is that they require a lot of open area to allow the member to do a variety of exercise movements,” said Lewis. “This requires an array of equipment to accomplish an effective functional workout. But Power Plate’s small footprint and ‘Swiss Army Knife’ versatility means gyms can offer a lot of variety with just one platform. This not only makes Power Plate incredibly space efficient but also minimizes many traditional training tools that can clutter up a gym floor. We even have models that integrate our patented proMOTION™ upper body retracting, vibrating resistance cables to add load to many movements.” 

Garry Lews (credit: Power Plate)

“Unlike traditional fitness equipment, there’s no complicated seat adjustments or weight selection settings to remember, and some of our models even provide follow-along exercise videos via built-in touchscreen computers,” added Lewis. 

While easy to implement for an operator, Power Plate vibration training delivers extensive benefits to clients and members, many of which cannot be obtained from traditional exercise methods. Power Plate’s patented, tri-planar PrecisionWave™ technology creates tiny, harmonic vibration waves causing the user’s body to reflexively respond 25 to 50 times per second. This activates muscles, burns more calories, switches on good hormonal production and better circulation, and helps achieve significantly accelerated results. 

“Unlike traditional cardio and strength modalities, Power Plate elicits involuntary muscle contractions at a high rate and without any stress or demand on the body,” said Lewis. “This helps the member stay injury-free and ready to keep coming back for more.”

Reimagining HIIT x Cycling

Power Plate technology can be used to enhance almost any exercise protocol, however applying it to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) provides a particularly compelling case study.

“Traditional HIIT training can put enormous strain on the body as it requires a lot of dynamic and extreme movements over a significant duration,” noted Lewis. “With Power Plate engaging muscles from 25 to 50 times per second, members can compress the workout time needed from 30 or 40 minutes down to 15 or 20 minutes, giving them time to do other things in the gym or just shorten their workout time. With Power Plate you get a greatly increased number of involuntary muscle contractions with minimal voluntary effort, generating the same results in less time and with a lot less impact.”

The Power Plate® REV™, the world’s first vibrating indoor cycle, is especially effective for HIIT training.

credit: Power Plate
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“The REV, when paired with our whole-body vibration platforms, creates an outstanding HIIT offering that facilitates both cardio and strength exercises with far-less expenditure of time and effort,” he added. “The REV delivers user-generated vibration through the pedals for an incredible cardio workout that greatly increases oxygen uptake (V02 max) while engaging lower body muscles up to 167% greater than traditional stationary cycling bikes.”

A Powerful Amenity for Gyms 

Power Plate’s versatility and efficiency have made it a popular amenity for fitness operators worldwide, especially big-box gyms, who can offer vibration tech as part of a higher membership level.

“High-Value, Low-Price (HVLP) facilities are starting to view Power Plate differently these days, too,” said Lewis. “By adding Power Plate as an amenity upgrade, HVLP gyms are able to provide a greater value to a tiered membership offering.”

Operators see this as a win-win: members receive expanded exercise variety while they can enhance their offerings with an easily-to-add piece of equipment. 

“This is great for bringing opportunities for health and wellness to a larger audience,” Lewis said. “It allows operators to better tailor their services to fit the unique needs of their members regardless of where they are on their personal fitness journey.” 

For more information on Power Plate solutions for commercial facilities visit commercial.powerplate.com/fitness.


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